Avon Brochure Campaign UK 2023

Many have heard of the popular Avon Brochure Campaign UK 2023, but have you ever known how this company turned from a small innovative idea into a powerful cosmetics empire? In this article, we will tell you about who was the founder of the brand, what the company specializes in, about its values, and why it deserves our trust.

History of Avon

Surely you have seen at least once in your life a bottle of perfume or other cosmetics with the Avon logo. Now we can easily download the online Avon Campaign UK brochure or view the printed version of the brochure and choose any product we like. But where did it all start? Where and how did Avon develop?

The founder of the brand is American David Hall McConnell. Visiting housewives and offering them books, he noticed that for the most part women are interested in perfumes, cosmetics, everything related to beauty and the desire to become more successful and attractive. Without hesitation, McConnell refused to sell books and changed them to a set of 5 fragrances. These products immediately aroused admiration among women, and California Perfume, founded in 1886, began to gain momentum. Entrepreneurial Mrs. Persis Foster Eames Alby created a unique direct selling structure that is still used by well-known companies around the world. Avon’s employees were simple housewives, which was very unexpected at that time. The company received its modern name Avon Products in 1939 and, under this brand, a huge range of goods is now being produced.

Avon Achievements and Successes

In 1887, a laboratory was founded in the city of Sufferen, USA, where, in addition to fragrances, some cosmetic products began to be produced. Sufferen is now home to the Avon Global Research Center, which regularly creates innovative formulas for skin and hair care. For example, it was in this center that products based on retinol and alpha hydroxy acids, as well as other revolutionary anti-aging formulas patented by the company, were developed.

Avon Brochure Campaign UK 2023 products

In order to get acquainted with the range of the brand, it is enough to have the Avon Brochure Campaign UK, which can be downloaded for free or watch the catalog online on our website.

Products are divided into several categories:

Perfumery. Collaborating with world-famous perfumers, Avon produces both premium fragrances and affordable ones for any buyer. The fragrances Today, Far Away, Avon Luck, Full Speed and others are especially popular.
Decorative cosmetics. The pages of the catalog contain lipsticks, shadows, mascaras, tonal products, everything for manicure and pedicure, and makeup accessories.
Body and hair care products. Shampoos, shower gels, lotions, creams, deodorants, products for children and much more.
Fashion and household goods. First of all, it is stylish clothes for the whole family, shoes, bags, bed linen. Publishes Avon’s brochure on designer jewelry, home improvement products, crockery and other household items.

Avon values

Avon – more than beauty! The success of the brand and its principles are based on mutual trust, faith, respect, decency and modesty. It is these fundamental truths that are the key to the success of not only the company as a whole, but also those who are involved in it. Only Avon knows how to meet the needs of women. So far, more than 6 million Brand Representatives have been able to fulfill their potential and build successful careers. Today Avon Brochure Campaign UK 2023 to watch online is not just a pleasant pastime, it is a window into the world of beauty, success and self-expression!