AVON brochure campaign June 6 2023 UK

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What's hot in the Avon brochure campaign June 6 2023

Discover new features in the AVON brochure campaign June 6 2023 UK! This magazine presents new shades of lipsticks for summer makeup, exciting fragrances, exquisite jewelry – everything that will help you transform and become more attractive!

Lipstick Legend from Avon – a real bestseller! She is valued for her rich palette of fashionable shades and textures, as well as for her caring properties. According to the AVON brochure campaign June 6 2023 UK, you can choose cream and matte lipsticks in red, nude and pink shades for day and evening makeup. The composition of the lipstick is perfectly balanced, nourishing oils soften the skin of the lips, give them a luxurious shine and do not overdry. What mascara to choose for the summer? Of course with super volume and extreme length! Mascara from Avon instantly lengthens, envelops the eyelashes to add volume, does not stick together and perfectly separates the eyelashes. If you’re planning a poolside getaway, choose a mascara with a waterproof formula to keep your makeup looking its best.

June beckons us with its warmth and calls to the sea coast, and are you ready to adequately meet the beach season? Avon offers you girls fashionable one-piece swimsuits that hide imperfections. There is also a selection of open swimwear that will show off your figure in a favorable light. Gift sets are offered in the catalog, so do not wait for a reason, but give your friends joyful moments right now! There are sets that include deodorants and fragrances, and there are sets of cosmetics and hygiene products. For example, the bath foam and hand cream set is 40% off, and the Planet SPA set is 55% off! Nice price for a two-phase serum for all types of hair Advanced Techniques. When applied to the hair, they acquire a healthy shine, are easy to comb and can be styled.