Avon Bonus Brochure August 8 2022 UK

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This bonus Avon mini-catalogue will help you find the best deals of the current campaign, as well as understand the latest Avon sales. We are glad that you have the opportunity to view Avon offers from the bonus catalog on our website. Happy viewing!

Brochure Promotion 8 2022 – Summer, it’s time for updates!

Perfumed set of Cherchez la Femme series for only 9 pounds.

• Perfume water (volume 15 ml.)
• Deodorant spray (volume 75 ml.)

The aroma of Cherchez la Femme is citrus-spicy, with a light and fresh hint of greenery. A raging wave of orchid flowers, roses and peonies, covering the citrus sea of ​​passions and leaving a woody-amber trail on the shore, makes you plunge headlong into the world of sensual illusions.

Beauty Café perfume set for only £9.

• Perfume water (volume 15 ml.)
• Deodorant spray (volume 75 ml.)

Beauty Café is a floral-citrus, powdery fragrance. Top, delicate notes of linden blossom, apple and citrus merge harmoniously into a floral note that plays with the scent of feminine jasmine, carnation and rose. Tonka bean, amber and iris just play along with the whole appetizing composition.