Avon Bonus Brochure June 6 2022 UK

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What’s hot in the Avon Bonus Brochure June 6 2022 UK online?

This bonus Avon mini-catalogue will help you find the best deals of the current campaign, as well as understand the latest Avon sales. We are glad that you have the opportunity to view Avon offers from the bonus catalog on our website. Happy viewing!

Brochure Promotion 6 2022 – Summer, it’s time for updates!

We present you the conditions of the new Avon promotion – Summer, it’s time for updates! The warmth of the summer sun is already warming the earth, awakening dormant flowers to bloom in their splendor. Echoing nature, we also want updates. Spring hats have already taken their place on the shelf, and this is a good reason to change your hairstyle and refresh your hair color, or even radically change it.

The offer of this catalog – Secrets of the perfect wash!

Fresh offer – Secrets of perfect washing. In order for the things we wash to retain their shape, the brightness of their colors, and if they are white, their impeccable whiteness, it is important to choose the right washing powder. There are powders designed only for cotton and linen fabrics and are effective both at low water temperatures and at high ones. For delicate fabrics, such as silk, wool or synthetics, other powders are used. In order for the pattern on the product not to fade during washing, special powders designed for colored laundry are used.

Benefits of the magazine – Wish granted!

Meet the benefits of the offer – Desire fulfilled. Fairy-tale heroes who could grant a wish in an instant remained on the pages of children’s books. Today, in order to fulfill your dream, you need to make an effort. Setting a goal and gradually achieving it is the key to making your dreams come true!