Avon Brochure The Men's Edit September 9 2022 UK

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What’s hot in the Avon Brochure The Men’s Edit September 9 2022 UK online?

This Men’s Edit Avon mini-brochure will help you find the best deals of the current campaign, as well as understand the latest Avon sales. We are glad that you have the opportunity to view Avon offers from the bonus catalog on our website. Happy viewing!

Brochure The Men’s Edit Promotion 9 2022 – Autumn, it’s time for updates!

How to use the coupon?
1. There will be a place on your gift voucher where you must personally write the article number of the product that you want to buy with such a significant discount! For one such coupon, you can order one product from the catalog. After that, give this coupon to your Consultant (or tell the product you have chosen by phone).
2. The promotion with a discount coupon starts working at the 2nd step of the “Promotion” only after your order has been fully paid. If you paid for an order with a coupon during the validity period of the two previous catalogs, for July and August, then you can take advantage of a significant 50% discount from September 01, 2022, which means from the start of the Avon 9 2022 catalog.

If you paid for your order before August 30, then you can use the discount from the next day, September 01, until September 30, after which all unused coupons will be invalid.
50% discount applies to cosmetics. You cannot use the coupon to purchase accessories, underwear, clothing, etc.