AVON brochure campaign November 11 2022 UK

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What's hot in the Avon brochure campaign November 11 2022

Do you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Ancient Attica and Rome? Try the new pairing fragrance Avon Maxime Icon for Him and Maxima Icon for Her, containing a brutal note of leather in the sillage. You will immediately plunge into the atmosphere of simplicity and sophistication. For those who prefer the classics, the Avon brochure campaign November 11 2022 UK, will be a pleasant return to the favorite fragrances of many Avon Luck, Attraction, Mesmerize. A pleasant discovery will be the delicate aroma of Lipsy London, Petit eau de toilette.

Before the onset of winter, the skin becomes sensitive and loses precious moisture, which leads to premature aging. In Avon products, the Anew and Nutra Effects series offer a huge range of face and hand skin care products. Do you want anti-aging care? Or a general type with a moisturizing, cleansing and nourishing effect? There is nothing easier. To do this, you need not only to look at the Avon brochure campaign November 11 2022, but also choose what fully meets the needs of your skin, depending on its type, your age, the desired effect.

The beauty of a modern woman is achieved not only through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. In the line of Avon cosmetics, a special place is occupied by skin care cosmetics, which can be safely recommended to both the fair sex and men. Instead of the usual gel or foam for washing, you can choose a special soap that provides a long-lasting anti-seborrheic and moisturizing effect. After its application, the skin becomes clean and elastic, delighting with an impeccable look.

For radiant and youthful looking skin, opt for Avon’s classic, the Anew line of products, world-famous for instant action and long-lasting effect. Particular attention is paid to products for the care of delicate skin around the eyes, allowing you to instantly remove several years and make your eyes look more open. Special oils for facial skin care will delight you with their weightless and quickly absorbed texture, leaving no oily sheen behind. Of course, do not forget about the line of decorative cosmetics, the purpose of which is to emphasize the natural merits of the appearance of ladies and make them even more beautiful. In anticipation of severe cold weather, it’s time to remember about fragrant bath foams and shower gels, the aroma of which will transport you to a tropical beach or lush jungle, mountain peaks or mysterious flowery plains.