AVON brochure campaign October 10 2022 UK

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What's hot in the Avon brochure campaign October 10 2022

Autumn is not the time to betray the blues, but the time to shine and conquer the world with its beauty! It is enough to open the AVON brochure campaign October 10 2022 UK to make sure that you have found a simple and affordable way to reach the most dizzying heights.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Enhance the beauty of your eyes with Avon’s legendary mascara, which can add incredible volume and curl to your lashes. Any actress will envy such expressiveness of the eyes. To enhance the effect, take advantage of special offers on the best cosmetics, choosing a foundation with a moisturizing effect, 3-in-1 powder and a whole palette of velvety shadows – from subtle beige to shimmery contrasts. The beauty of the lips will help to emphasize lipstick for all occasions – luxurious satin, bright mother-of-pearl, stylish cream or pencil lipstick.

They say that smell plays an important role in creating a special charm…Isn’t this the best reason to once again try your favorite line of fragrances? Here you can choose an exquisite eau de parfum from a series of floral, citrus, chypre, fruity fragrances to suit your mood and goals.
It will no longer be enough just to look at the AVON brochure campaign October 10 2022 UK, when it is cold outside and you want to wrap yourself in something warm and cozy, for example, a reversible blanket, which is so suitable for evenings with a cup of hot coffee or chocolate. And a mandatory attribute is an exquisite aroma lamp, in which you can put a candle with your favorite scent and enjoy the aura of warmth and comfort. To congratulate the closest and dearest people, you can choose gift sets – perfume sets for men and women, skin care products for the face, hands, body. Even the smallest family members will find great gifts – toys, personal items and much more.

An excellent alternative to an expensive pedicure will be foot skin care products that ensure its softness, hydration and absolute comfort during the procedure.
For lovers of pampering, the Planet Spa series is offered, which immerses you in the process of meditation and allows you to enjoy both the care procedure itself and the end result. This is largely due to the subtle sensual aromas and delicate texture of the products used, which literally caress the skin. Being stylish, chic and elegant with Avon is easy.