Current Oriflame Catalogue 2023 UK

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What's hot in the Current Oriflame Catalogue 2023 online

We invite you to browse the virtual cosmetics store and view the current Oriflame catalogue UK 2023. This edition presents only the most attractive offers for this season, exclusive new products and promotional products with discounted prices!

Following fashion trends, Oriflame has released a new series of matte lipsticks. The velvety texture spreads evenly on the lips, dries instantly and forms a long-lasting finish. In the palette of shades there are lipsticks for daytime and evening make-up. Every girl should have mascara in her makeup arsenal. Choose THE ONE multifunctional mascara, which perfectly increases the volume of eyelashes, lengthens and curls them. Among the eye shadows that the current Oriflame catalog offers, there are satin and matte shades. The magnetic palette of shadows can be customized to your taste, ordering matching shades that will favorably emphasize the beauty of your eyes. Good news for those who have been waiting for the release of an updated lip gloss, there are several shining shades in the Oriflame catalog at attractive prices!

On the pages of the catalog there is a luxurious series of hygiene products! Shower gels perfectly cleanse and fill the bath with a floral scent. It should be noted that all gels are concentrated, so they are used sparingly. For body and hair care, the current catalog gives discounts on the products of the legendary Milk & Honey series, which include only natural ingredients. Our skin is very sensitive, so it needs to be taken care of with the most natural means. To this end, the company produces products with biodegradable formulas based on natural plant extracts. The body scrub contains exfoliating particles of natural origin, so it gently cleanses the skin and does not harm the environment.

Finding durable nail polish is not at all a problem if you download the current Oriflame UK 2023 catalog and select the appropriate shades. The catalog also includes products such as perfumes, bijouterie and exquisite fashion accessories. A stylish watch with a leather strap is sold in a gift box, so if you are just looking for a gift, have time to order it for a promotion. Among the wide variety of handbags, you can choose a casual or evening option. The current Oriflame catalog will help you create a flawless and original image!