Oriflame Catalogue 10 2023 UK

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What's hot in the Oriflame Catalogue 10 2023 UK online

Oriflame Catalogue 10 2023 UK online offers us many surprises and new products at nice prices! Order the new Giordani Gold lipstick or OnColour lengthening mascara to look fashionable and spectacular this season!

Essentials Papaya Facial Cream & Cleanser provides gentle skin care. The cream nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the face, tightens it, gives a healthy glow. The cleanser is designed to remove dust, dirt and make-up and is used in the morning and in the evening. These novelties have a pleasant fruity aroma, suitable for all skin types. If blackheads and clogged pores are bothering you, check out the new Pure Skin Purifying Mask with Charcoal and Pineapple Extract. The mask forms a dense film on the skin, absorbing all impurities from the pores, the skin becomes smooth and clean. Already after the first application you will feel the visible effect! You can also purchase the SkinPro 2in1 system with two nozzles for even deeper mechanical cleansing of the facial skin.

Belt bags are a new trend that turned out to be not only fashionable, but also practical! Breeze Bum Bag appeared in the catalog in a beige shade with a thin strap that is worn on the belt and over the shoulder. The universal shade goes with any outfit, the edges of the handbag are trimmed with a coral shade. Another option is a handbag with a valve that can be changed from beige to burgundy. Although the bag is small, it holds the necessary items, there is a zippered pocket inside. If you just need a cosmetic bag, there are some cute options in the catalog.

We will introduce you to several new decorative cosmetics from the Oriflame Catalogue 10 2023 UK online! OnColour Lip Balm gently cares for the skin, giving the lips a delicate, natural shade. The composition includes wheat germ oil and vitamin E, thanks to which the lips look healthy and well-groomed, with a slight radiance! Well mattifies the skin, absorbs fat and sweat from the face of the new OnColour compact powder. It hides imperfections, evens out skin tone and helps keep makeup on all day. For eye makeup, OnColour Mono eyeliner is also released in charcoal black. It forms a dense coating, it is convenient for them to draw thin lines and wide ones, to do shading in order to emphasize the beauty of the eyes. Oriflame offers discounts on all new items!