Oriflame Catalogue 18 2022 UK

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What's hot in the Oriflame Catalogue 18 2022 UK online

In the issue of Oriflame catalogue 18 2022 UK we are waiting for the presentation of paired fragrances, replenishment of the nail polish collection with new shades and acquaintance with the new Activelle deodorant series!

The Activelle collection features five roll-on deodorants and a creamy antiperspirant. Deodorants continue their protective action after application for 48 hours, thanks to the special actiboost formula. Special microcapsules release aromatic substances during friction, preventing the appearance of unpleasant odors. Eleo products are very effective for strengthening and restoring hair. Shampoo, mask and hair oil contain natural rose and argan oil. With regular use, the hair becomes silky and easy to comb. At a reduced price in the catalog, you can purchase a hair mask for the HairX series. It restores and strengthens hair from roots to ends.

Do you want your lip makeup to cause delight and admiration? Then use the luxurious Giordani Gold Iconic Metallic Matte lipstick. Reflective particles on a velvety matte texture look just great, giving lips a glow! If you like to emphasize your eyes with arrows, the Colourbox Eyeliner liquid eyeliner is a great solution. With a thin brush, you can draw both thin lines and wide ones. The eyeliner dries quickly and lasts all day long. A new nail product has appeared in the Oriflame catalogue 18 2022 UK – Nail Works Pro Glitter Top Coat. Shiny micro-particles reflect rays of light to make your nails sparkle like diamonds! The ONE brand has launched a new All-Over Make-up Remover. It delicately removes makeup from the eyes and lips, cleanses the pores, and you can buy a new product at a discount!

Pay attention to the novelty – a stylish 2-in-1 women’s bracelet watch in a gift box. The gold dial and chain against the black leather bracelet look very elegant and sophisticated. New in limited edition and on sale, so don’t miss the opportunity to get this accessory!