Oriflame Catalogues 2023 UK

Catalogues Oriflame 2023 UK is known far beyond Sweden, where this popular brand was first founded. The company mainly produces decorative cosmetics, perfumes, body and hair care products, jewelry and jewelry with semi-precious stones under the Norrsken brand, Wellness healthy food products, children’s products and accessories.

The formation of the Oriflame company

Today, Oriflame has become closer to its customers than ever before! The Oriflame 2023 UK catalog is available to everyone, which you can watch for free online and make purchases in one click. But it was not always so. At the dawn of the company’s creation, the two brothers Jonas and Robert af Jochnick and their close friend Bengte Hellstene pursued the goal of bringing cosmetics based on Swedish plant extracts to women, and even then, they boldly refused animal testing. In 1976, the company’s customers were able to purchase the first natural cosmetics product line. And after only four years, the first catalog was published with a circulation of only 1000 copies. Thanks to the direct sales method, every consumer could now watch and choose products from the Oriflame catalog, having received it from the hands of the Consultant. But since 1997, the company began to use Internet resources in the interests of prosperity by opening its official website. This was only the first step towards the fact that the consumer himself could download the Oriflame catalog for free and place an order through any electronic device.

Why do we choose Oriflame cosmetics and online Catalogues Oriflame 2023 UK?

Decorative cosmetics and care products are in direct contact with the skin, so the question of the quality of such products should come first. The Swedish company Oriflame is constantly working to improve and improve in this direction. For example, in 2008 and 2009 research centers were opened in Stockholm and Dublin, where innovative approaches to the development of anti-aging formulas are applied. The developers do not use GMOs in cosmetics, prohibited additives and do not conduct animal testing, all participants in clinical trials are volunteers. Thanks to this approach, unique, safe, effective and most environmentally friendly products are created in the company’s laboratories.

The fact that today about 8 thousand employees, more than 3 million Representatives and a huge number of consumers around the world have chosen Oriflame cosmetics for themselves emphasizes the benefits and effectiveness of these products.

What does Oriflame produce?

The range of products includes both legendary products that are already more than 50 years old, as well as new items released by each Oriflame UK 2023 catalog. The well-known emollient Tender Care, created several decades ago, enjoys special love among customers. In 2015, the NovAge anti-aging line was first released, based on stem cells, natural extracts and hyaluronic acid. If you download the Oriflame catalog, you can see on its pages first-class perfumes, decorative cosmetics of the Giordani Gold premium brand, youth cosmetics, skin care products, separate lines for all types of hair, jewelry, accessories, products for infants, older children and teenagers. With the onset of the holidays, the Oriflame catalog prepares themed gifts, holds promotions and pleases its customers with creative ideas. Get closer to your dream! May your acquaintance with Oriflame bring you success and the opportunity to realize your potential!